Personal Journal

My sisters and I

My sisters and I


Me, Myself, and I

My name is Michael Jaramillo and I’ve lived in Lititz most of my life. Over time I’ve gained appreciation for my small hometown and the folks that live here.

I’ve always loved the feeling of freedom that Lancaster provides. Find a high enough hill and your eyes can look for miles seeing the beautiful expanse of the county. Take in the sites and sounds of the many small towns or go for walks on various trails. Lancaster County never disappoints!

In addition to owning a cleaning company, I am an amateur photographer, lover of music, and a self-proclaimed tea connoisseur. I have always been very fond of writing and reading as well. Cooking and baking have become a new interest … my Tip-Top-Shape page will at times feature recipes for your enjoyment! I’ve never been much into sports but I have no problem cheering on the winning team!

Cleaning like many in my family have before me certainly felt daunting but I found I genuinely enjoy doing it. It is definitely satisfying work for me!

Anyway, that’s about it haha

Hope you enjoyed finding out a little bit about me. I hope to hear from you soon!