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September Spotlight: Class is in session

Hello students and welcome to this month’s spotlight!

I hope you all have had a fantastic summer and are looking forward to another year of learning! My name is Mr. Jaramillo and today we’re going to be looking at tips for staying on track this school year!

Get those No.2 pencils ready, here we go!

  • Counting sheep. Oddly enough a great school day starts the night before. Why? Because a good night’s sleep can make or break your school day. Getting enough sleep will not only improve your overall mood, but will help you be more attentive during class. Perhaps set a time to go to bed each night and wake up each morning.

  • Breakfast of champions. Having a balanced breakfast can help jumpstart your day. Giving you energy for the morning and satisfying hunger till lunch. If possible have something filling and healthy. I know for me, eggs are always a go-to for a good morning start. Try adding some vegetables and fruits to your morning plate.

  • Schedule for success. Use the first few days of school to the fullest, find out which classes you have each day and where they are; making for yourself a schedule. Do your upmost to not be late to class. Do you take part in extra-circular activities, such as sports or music classes? Keep these activities in mind when figuring out a school schedule. You want to be sure you leave enough time to finish your homework and also get in some much needed rest.

  • Diamond in the rough. If you find yourself not really enjoying school, what can you do? Well, one thing I found that really helps is finding one particular subject you enjoy. For me, it was any history class or class that involved free writing. If you do find a specific subject you enjoy, see if your school provides classes on that subject. And if not, don’t worry, you may be surprised to find you enjoy a subject you never thought you would.

  • Just do it. Procrastination can be a hard habit to conquer. Especially if your school system requires a lot of self-discipline. Putting off assignments till the last minute may seem tempting but really it’s anything but positive. For one, you’ll rob yourself of valuable time to study and research before starting the assignment. And majority of the time rushing work can be disastrous in regard to quality. One way I got around the habit of procrastination is completing large project assignments slowly, working on it a little bit each day. As a result I had time to study, prepare, and relax as well.

Alrighty, that will conclude our class today. There are certainly many more ways to improve this school year but these were just a few I found worked well for me. And with that, you are all dismissed, and I hope these tips help keep your school year in Tip Top Shape! See you soon!