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July Spotlight: Study Time

Hello and welcome to this month’s spotlight!

The season of summer is out in full force this month. And though it is a bit early, I wanted to talk about something I think we’ve all had to do at one time or another; study.

As someone who studies year round I’ve found a few tips here and there that make my study sessions more productive, less time consuming, and far more enjoyable! This month I’ll be sharing them with you. And for those of you on summer break from school, take notes! These tips may come in handy once school starts back up for you!

  1. Time is of the essence. Time; we can never have enough of it. This can be especially true when needing to study! What I’ve found to be helpful is making sure you have time during the day to study. When getting your day started, think ahead and see if there is a window of free time that can be used for some productive study. If there doesn’t seem to be enough, see if there is anything that can be cut back to make more time available.

  2. Colors of the Wind (If you get this song reference, you are an awesome individual). I used to use only one type of pen or pencil while studying. Eventually I found that using multiple different colors really improves studying over all. I’ll use one color to denote the answer to a question while using another to mark background info I think is important to drive home the point. Any points I want to look into later I’ll use a black pen whereas things I want to look into ASAP I’ll color with a red pen.

  3. Happy little notes. If you’re able to do so, never be afraid to mark up your book/booklet/brochure/etc! Often times what I’ll do is use the available space in the margins to write notes. Then, when I go back and review the material I can look back on things that stuck out to me and further research them. Making small notes for future reference can be super helpful when studying over material, especially if remembering the subjects is required for a test or exam.

  4. Enjoy learning! Learning something new is one of the greatest pleasures we can enjoy. There is so much information out there, and amongst the overabundance of info there might just be something of interest to you. My family has always encouraged me to learn and find enjoyment from studying different subjects. What if you don’t like studying? Take it from me, I never liked studying either. It wasn’t until I made personal application of what I learned that I began to throughly enjoy studying and learning in general.

Is there a language you’re interested in learning? Maybe an instrument? Perhaps you wanna paint like Picasso? Or maybe you want to learn to sing or dance like a pro? Effective study is the first step. So take your pick! And if you’re like me, grab some tea, sit back with your pens and get to work! Hope you enjoyed this month’s spotlight and as always, I hope it helps you keep your study sessions in Tip Top Shape! See you next month!